Builder Choices

There are many of us who like to build and fix things.  This applies at work as well as our personal lives.  I’ve framed and wired my basement, installed bathrooms, built stone walkways, changed car engines and got that home wireless networking working like a charm.

It’s all about choices and level of comfort.  Have projects gone well?  Yes.  But… some have not.  Despite enjoying tremendously the accomplishments of creating something, sometimes it is best to leave it to a professional.

As a consumer we all want choices and value.  Who doesn’t like those rebates, coupons or free shareware?  I certainly do but have to admit that your mileage does vary…

Software is no different.  You want choices, value and want it done right.

Sometime that can be you yourself if you are a developer or at times you should leave it up to the professional.

Check out  Solaris 10

You always have choices here…  From free downloads if you want to be a DIY (Do It Yourself) builder, to get trained and get support to become a DIY builder, to leave it to the professional if that is your choice… or remedy if things do not go so well.

It’s all about value and choices.

For more stuff for you sys admins check out Big Admin

For joining the developer community sign up here

From run time environments to many developer tools it is all there and you get to make choices!


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