Storage Need Continues To Grow…

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It amazes me to watch the non-linear growth of storage to satisfy both corporate and consumer demand for storing, retrieving and processing information.

There are more than a few of us who now face at home what corporations have been dealing with for years.  I have had to adapt solutions for protecting photos, video, music and files.  Why? Because I have too much data and the old methods of backup to floppy and CD don’t scale.  Soon even DVD backups will be too cumbersome.

No matter what the application or intended use, one needs to ask: "How much protection is enough?" What about these scenarios… Disk failure? Flood? Fire? Disaster? 

Some data is relevant only to a particular consumer and/or family while other data is extremely relevant globally… e.g. international banking transactions.  Corporations all want and some need by law certain protection of their data.  Then add on other business critical attributes such as compression and encryption

Soon you realize that a corporate solution can be created by a large collection of products like Magnetic Tape, SAN, CDP, NAS, DAS, MAID, VTL, etc.  Then there are the host of software applications and data services:  snapshots, replication, thin provisioning, etc.

It is clear the choices, decisions and solutions corporations face today for protecting their data are not easy, straight forward or in constant improvement.


Protecting data can certainly be a challenge from a technical perspective as well as the business justification of the investment.  What is one willing to risk? .vs What is one willing to pay to minimize or even eliminate risk?


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