Built To Last… successful habits of visionary companies

Market stocks can be almost as popular as Borat Sagdiyev (born July 30, 1972) (Kazakh Cyrillic: Борат Сагдиев)

Johnson & Johnson was founded in 1886 with a vision of providing safe and effective health care products which still applies today despite having a present market capitalization of over $180B.

A staggering tidbit is the shareholder value this equity has returned to shareholders via the power of dividends. 


For a greater insight into an analysis of companies who stand out with successful habits I suggest a read of Built To Last.

So maybe it is a coincidence that the author’s last name is Porras but after all he is a professor at Standford’s Graduate School of Business and I am not…

A 12% annualized return for 40+ years is an investment that will satisfy most.  A good litmus is to double your investment every 5 years  rather than every 10 years… but with minimized risk. 

While I was an undergrad in college I tried to minimize the amount of my student loans @ 2% interest.  Definitely a side effect of being raised by parents who both grew up during the Great Depression and having grandparents who were 1st generation immigrants of the United States of America.  With hind site being 20/20 vision one could easily argue to maximize those student loans and invest in a growth and capital appreciation stock. Little risk and much better upside than 2% annualized return over 10 years!  Back then (early 1980s) loans were paid back over a 10 year period *after* you graduated.

The same parents also made sure that I did repay the loans rather than default on them as some students allegedly decided.



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