Parallel processing

Baby boomers and Generation Jones’ remember (as I do being from this generation) that study hall and libraries were meant to be quiet.  In order to learn you needed silence, sturdy posture, good light and your Ovaltine

Enter the Millenials (or Generation Y).  Our future.  They have taken multi tasking to a new level.  My soon to be 13 year old son is one of them.  Watching him is amazing.  Our kids computer is located right by the kitchen table… intentionally.  There he is at work…  IPOD is playing,  multiple IM conversations in flight,  surfing MLB.COM, ESPN.COM, eating a snack and doing some homework.  I ask "How can you do this?"  He responds "What. This? It’s easy."  He is on the honor roll… These type of individuals are entering the workforce now.  They are our potential employees, customers, partners and future leaders.  They will help drive where Web 2.0 is going.  They will be the consumers of the next YouTube.  They will be working on Wall Street, in Asia, Europe, the Americas, e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

Millenials want to gain our experience, we admire their youth and eagarness.  We need to teach them as well as learn from them.  It is a great opportunity for all.



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