Sun is OPEN to opportunity

Customers and consumers do not want to be locked into a service, a given provider or a single option.  They want choices.  Look at what has happened with basic phone service and television over the past 20 years.  Mobile phones and VOIP has certainly changed the landscape.  Cable television and satellite dish offerings have created a menu of choices.

Along the same lines why would a customer want to be locked into a proprietary operating system or runtime?  For a list of operating systems both proprietary and non proprietary (open) click here. and have been leading the way for providing an OPEN community of developers, contributions and participation suitable for all.  Solaris offers security, performance scaling, data protection and yes… innovation such as DTrace that is truly OPEN. See CDDL (Common Development and Distribution).


Sun this week has announced the contribution of core storage technologies to OpenSolaris.  

Take for example the open sourced Availability Suite (Point-in-Time Copy and Remote Mirror Copy) technologies.  Table stakes for protection and management of your data.  This technology is not closed but open and integrated with Solaris.

Speaking of innovation we also continue to extend our open sourced technologies of Solaris.  The ZFS file system adds even more innovation with clone promotion, recursive snapshots, RAIDZ protection and hot sparing for storage pool devices.  ZFS today supports built in file compression.  ZFS encryption is actively being developed in the community as an open source project.  A dynamic file system with built in compression AND encryption.  Unlike data protection solutions with expensive bolt on special purpose hardware and software, but rather an open source solution built in at the core.

The community is enabled to build open storage solutions with general purpose servers, general purpose storage and the Solaris open sourced stack.  Yes that’s right, the community can take hardware from any vendor, Dell, HP, IBM, Sun, etc. and build robust storage solutions at commodity price compared to the traditional proprietary storage vendors. 

The community is all of us.

Customers and storage developers can look to Solaris as the core building block. 

  • Open protocols such as NFS and NFSv4.1 extensions
  • Open operating system with continued innovation
  • Open storage components continuing to come to 

Customers have a choice and can help influence that choice.

For those of you who requested a pic of myself here it is.

Bob Porras 


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