Clever and Happy

Being able to delight customers is on the wish list of every vendor.  When you can help them run their business around their constraints which includes budget, time and technology you have embraced opportunity.

I heard of a presentation by Maureen Chew (Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems, Inc.) who gave a paper and talk at the SAS Global Forum users conference in
Orlando a few weeks ago.  The CDC was able to implement a very clever solution in short order by using Solaris Containers and ZFS Clones together.  In a nutshell here was the solution…  From concept to deployment took 4 hours. There was no incremental cost.  Users, System Admins, etc…  everybody was happy.  Congratulations on the innovations.

To see her full paper and conference presentation get it here (SAS Global Forum 2007: Zebra, Zamboni, Zen and the Art of ZFS).








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