Tetris – From Russia With Love

I have to give another plug of 1 of my favorite television channels, The Science Channel which is part of the Discovery Channel. This past weekend the Science Channel did a feature (next showing is May 26th) on the history of this famous game that almost everyone has played worldwide.

Tetris (Russian: Тетрис) was created in June 1985 by Alexey Pazhitnov at

the Moscow Academy of Science’s Computer Center.  He was inspired to write this game from a board game called pentominoes.  If you cannot catch the next showing on the Science Channel then check out this history summary of the game that I discovered on the big beautiful free world wide web or its short name the internet. As I watched this program I thought the history of Tetris is really a saga (long involved story, account or series of incidents).  The story of Tetris is already written but how would this story change if the June 1985 event (creation of Tetris) occured today?  With the medium called the internet and websites such as YouTube and Boing Boing user content and creation for all tastes is exploding.

It appears the large amount of the people who create this content want to get it out there to share.  "Hey! Watch this video Bill created and posted on YouTube."  "Did you catch Steve’s posting on why he thinks Johnny Damon is a good hitter deep into the pitch count?"  Yes I know Johnny is now a NY Yankee but he did help win a 2004 World Series with the Boston Red Sox.  As Yogi said "It aint over till it’s over."


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