Free Compilers and ZFS does protect your laptop/desktop data

Computer language compilers and their respective debug environments can vary widely when it comes to execution efficiency, debugging features and compiling options.  While many standard practices of processing a given context sensitive grammar include recursive descent parsers and peep hole optimizers— ultimately it is the support environment and code execution efficiency that differentiates.

Sun has recently introduced new compilers with Sun Studio 12. Check out this speed trial against gcc and Linux.  Keep in mind these compilers are available not only for Solaris platforms but for x86/x64 Linux platforms as well.  Download and register for SDN.

Also you can get the new compilers, more tools and much more all bundled in the latest Solaris Express Developer Edition.

Click here to get the free download or free DVD kit.  You don’t have to pay for the postage.

QLogic and Emulex, well known FC HBA vendors, are   participating in OpenSolaris.

Click here to get to the Emulex OpenSolaris project.

QLogic has recently published a white paper titled
HBA of Choice for Solaris Environments” outlining their Solaris soution.”

If you have been burned by a bad disk on your laptop or desktop check out this blog.  Lots of others have checked it out already.

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