Is the storage industry going open source?

Once again the walk has followed the talk of being committed to open source. Last week more storage source code was posted at for the community.  Parallel NFS (pNFS) and Sun’s implementation of the NFSv4.1 protocol (IETF) is being developed as an OpenSolaris project in the open.  Technology such as ZFS, which is also open sourced, continues to be enhanced in the open as well.  Take ZFS encryption— this is another OpenSolaris project.  Imagine disk compression and encryption capability built into the core of the file system.  No expensive bolt on solutions or hardware required, but rather completely implemented in software that is open sourced and runs on platforms from Dell, IBM, HP and Sun.

pNFS will be technology that helps build HPC solutions.  Why is the HPC industry driving to computational horsepower  that is based on general purpose hardware, general purpose storage and open sourced software?  In fact why are industry segments such as storage and servers driving the general purpose message as well?

Could it be choice?  Other vendors have announced their open source plans recently.  In fact just last week it appears more intend to follow those who have been leading the contribution effort in the community.

Sun has been adding to its open storage stack this past year.  To date the stack includes:

p(NFS) client and p(NFS) server, WebNFS, CIFS client, OSD initiator, OSD target, iSCSI initiator, iSCSI target, ZFS, UFS, Volume Manager, iSNS server, Availability Suite (volume snapshot & replication), Fibre Channel Framework, Disk & Tape drivers and OEM drivers from Emulex and Qlogic.

We still have more work to do…


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