Sun & IBM Server Partnership = Solaris

Last week was a perfect example of 2 companies coming together to offer choice to customers.  In addition to IBM’s offerings of Windows and Linux on their X-Series servers– Solaris is now a fully supported offering.  As a result this enables an opportunity for more customers for both companies.  This new partnership also shows the community that companies do listen to their requests for solutions and it may be an indicator that other customer/companies will take notice.  Solaris does ship on more x86 systems from IBM, HP and Dell than Sun x86 developed systems but this offers customers choice.  Sun keeps listening to ensure we continue to offer choices so we can compete for more and more opportunities.  Will IBM expand the Solaris offering to their other server products including the mainframe?  Time will tell.  The point is that IBM and Sun can both compete and collaborate which benefits customers and creates additional opportunities for both companies.

Solaris continues to make investments in its proven enterprise class open sourced os.  From new rich features which enable new products to enhancements on ease of usability to attract a wider audiance of customers— the community is active which translates into more opportunity.

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