Open HA ClusterOpen HA Cluster

Another 2 million lines of source code contribution completed to the community– 6 months ahead of schedule.  Open HA Cluster is the source code, automated test suite, documentation and community for the Solaris Cluster Framework.  While a few agents and some encumbered code fragments are not being released, you are able to build a fully functional high availability cluster from the source code. With this release, users can develop and customize more complete, complex and sophisticated open-sourced business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. Included as well is integration with key applications such as Apache, Apache Tomcat, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DNS, NFS, Grid Engine, Glassfish, Samba, Kerberos and more. Even better you have the opportunity to contribute, modify, enhance and experiment as part of the community.

This latest contribution follows the Solaris Cluster Agents in June 2007, the Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition in December 2007 and our most recent May 2008 source code.  Click the blueprint on the left for a simple cluster set up and configuration.

Ian Murdock is doing a keynote at LinuxTag 2008 in Berlin featuring Open HA Cluster, followed by a demo by Eve Kleinknecht.  Listen to Barton George and his podcast with Meenakshi Kaul-Basu about the whole enchilada.  Also a shout out to Thorsten Frueauf, Hartmut Streppel, Nick Solter, Amour Kwok, Jeff Osteen, Ashutosh Tripathi, Bonnie Corwin and the OpenSolaris team.  Last but certainly not least a much appreciated high five to the extended Sun Cluster team… including Keith “he’s damn good” White.


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