Sun Grid Engine 6.2 – what opensource can do for you

If you are having problems managing your large HPC compute infrastructure or provisioning your cloud of computes a certain tool may be just what you may need.  Policy-based workload management and the dynamic provisioning of application workloads are two large problems facing industry and research institutions.

Today Sun Grid Engine 6.2 raises the bar for scalability, performance and ease of management.  New features include:

  • Multi-clustering with Service Domain Manager – delivers built in elasticity of hosts
  • Advance Reservation – request and reserve grid resources in advance
  • Scalability – up to 63,000 core CPU’s today and even higher tomorrow
  • Supports massivelly parallel jobs – across thousands of CPU cores

Sun Grid Engine is in use today for many production environments managing critical research, crash simulations and clouds of computing.  Sun Grid Engine is an opensource distribution that runs on solaris, linux and windows.

Community members help drive and influence the features, content adn direction of the product.  Join today and become a community member.

What is really exciting is the new Service Domain Manager capability of Sun Grid Engine 6.2, click here to see a demo of managing elastic resources.  Totally applicable to your cloud including and other cloud resources.  Dynamic, on the fly and transparent to your workload.  Check it out!


2 thoughts on “Sun Grid Engine 6.2 – what opensource can do for you

  1. Hi,
    Could you maybe do a little HOWTO on setting up a mini Sun Grid using a Solaris x64 box as the master and two windows nodes.
    I find the Sun documentation *too* much on this subject for a student that would like to play with the package !

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