The Physical .vs Virtual World

We all live in both the physical and virtual worlds today even if we do not understand.  The realities of the financial market and the brutal corrections of bhwsub-prime paper is here.  It’s as if we can hear the sound of (you need new car brakes) bare metal screeching on metal trying to halt the stock market pullback.  We also have many flavors of operating systems running physically on bare metal (a given microporocessor).  When it comes to native code running on hardware it’s like a common mundane book… we all can do it.  Speaking of books if you enjoy a non fiction or bare metal read, “The Dark Side” By Jane Mayer may suit you.  The book has made the New York Times bestseller list.  Reading it made me think about integrity and courage.

The virtual world is upon us.  In the technology space the industry has fully functional tools that allow us to compress, manage and migrate virtual machines (instances of computers) into a single physcial computer.   This week at VMworld 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada virtualization products and services are front and center.  Do you realize that the virtual machine has become THE application?  Forget about all those applications running on the virtual machine.  Applications have merely been abstracted to mere subroutines of the virtual machine.  Abstracted to insignificance in the virtual world.  Do you like a good read on virtualization- that is mind provoking, but hardly mentions high technology at all?  If you do the “The Black Hole War” By Leonard Susskind will work.  Timely appropriate given the Large Hadron Collider @ CERN switched on last week! It took 20 years to build.  While we constantly live our busy daily lives here in the physical world, there are a lot of theoretical tdsphysicists that are constantly trying to discover the mysteries of our universe.  A universe so vast, complex and unknown that we as humans may never fully understand all of its secrets.  Trying to unify Quantum Mechanics with the General Theory of Relativity is the big mystery.  Why do atoms (little ones) have differnt rules than planets (big ones)?

String theory and black holes are all discussed in the book without much math but in layman terms using thought experiments.  Definitely puts virtualization products into perspective.  Let the theoretical physicists solve the hard stuff!  I’ll focus on hypervisors and emulation rather than space time and quarks.


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