A new Networked Appliance is the Appliance Appliance for Storage and IT

AR-01Going against the establishment or trying to redefine standards in an industry is always hard.  While believers encourage you the industry critics are happy to knock you down.  For the critics as Dale Carnegie says: “Criticisms are disguised complements.”  Today after lots of encouragement, hard work and collaboration Sun is announcing it’s first wave of OpenStorage appliance solutions built from some pretty compelling systems and software technologies.

In a nutshell the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System Family offers data services via:

  • Storage Analytics
  • – VLAN support
    – ZFS Hybrid Storage Pool
    – RAID-Z (5 and 6), Mirrored and Striping
    – Snapshots
    – Clone and clone promotion
    – Snapshot Restore
    – Storage ISV integration
    – NFSv3, v4 service
    – Kernel based CIFS Server
    – iSCSI Target
    – Remote Replication
    – Data Compression
    – Active-Active Clustering
    – Thin Provisioning
    – Virus scanning
    – NDMP Server (Network Data Management Protocol)
    – System Self-Healing
    – ZFS Data Integrity
    – RAID-6 (DP) and optional RAID-6 Across JBODs
    – LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol)
    – IP MultiPathing (IPMP)
    – I/O MultiPathing between the Sun Storage 7410 and JBODs
    – Phone home telemetry
    – Multi Browser Interface support
    – Heterogeneous access
    – Role Base Access Control and more…

As true appliances the Sun Storage 7110, 7210 and 7410 offer you a seamless easy to use captive control interface.  It should not matter what is under the covers. But let’s take a quick peek under and look at some of the piece parts.  The same piece parts that allow anyone in the opensolaris community to roll your own storage solution.  A great group of folks at Sun have rolled our own storage appliance for sale ($$$) if that is the right solution for you.  Some community members have money but no time and some community members have no money but timeMeet up with them.  The choice is yours and the cost savings are significant for either choice.  However it is pretty difficult to make something very easy and that’s where the technical skills of systems and software expertise at Sun differentiates.

Next up in our recipe is standard commodity hardware.  Nothing special is needed here to add or tweak the configuration.  Software turns the standard hardware into the appliance.  Stock servers with disks and dumb JBOD expansion if you really want to scale. No magic here other than well designed hardware.  Add in components such as SSD/Flash technology to optimize file serving.  Marry it all with very clever file system technology (you know what it is) so performance gains pop.  Intelligence based on a simple flow of:

if ssd_present


begin {optimize ssd}


begin {optimize normal};

That’s right an auto sensing file system (click here to see the actual code) for solid state disks no matter how many you may have in your configuration.  SolHead-v1Now let’s look at one final component. Technology that combines, contains, configures, consolidates and choreographs all this neat stuff into one seamless appliance of fully integrated software and hardware (FISHworks).  The result is analytics for insight and management.  Integrated RAS, fault management and reporting.  Click and point for configuration, management of data services and user management.  Simply easy.

Congratulations are due to too many folks to name here across the systems, software, services, marketing, ops, etc. organizations at Sun.  The most exciting aspect for me is the almost limitless additional services and horizontal scaling that can be realized through the combination of more innovation among systems and opensolaris software.  No matter what model is right for you, as a community member, you can participate or just watch.  It’s totally up to you.

As the graphic shows above we’ve put all hands in for a job well done.

Enough of the quick peek of what is under the covers, just get it and try it out and let us know what you think.  A select set of community members have been working with us for a while and see the glass both ways.  We have been listening too… that is why we took some extra time.


2 thoughts on “A new Networked Appliance is the Appliance Appliance for Storage and IT

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