Back in the Storage Saddle…

In keeping with a baseball analogy from my previous post, I’ll continue with the analogy.

After entering Spring training as an unrestricted free agent and talking to small, medium and large market teams; I officially signed with a new baseball team.  It was really hard to leave my old team and fellow baseball players but as we all understand it’s part of the business.

I was fortunate to have multiple conversations with remarkable people from several clubs.  It’s quite an experience to be recruited to ball clubs that basically want your services because they know you can run, hit, field and have a strong arm.  For me personally, one incredible experience was to have fruitful conversations with a club GM who is a retired U.S. Navy Admiral, fighter pilot and test pilot.  I always wanted to be a fighter pilot myself but it did not happen.

Imagine what courage it takes to land a F/A 18-A Hornet onto an aircraft carrier at night, with no moon, high seas and battle conditions (no lights).  Talk about intestinal fortitude!

As a veteran baseball player I have many friends that are on other baseball teams.  We continue to keep in touch both on and off the field of play.  Now that the season has started I’m excited to be competing between the white lines of the diamond.  I hope to keep in touch with my friends of my former teams as the MLB franchise is still strong and prospering.  The uniform change is complete.

It’s good to be playing baseball again, a physically and mentally challenging sport.

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