iPhone 4 or NOT(iPhone 4) ???

Do I really need to go out and buy the latest phone from Apple?  While it can serve as a nice conversation piece about a nice bright and shinny gadget it is still a gadget.  The new features like multi-tasking apps are a me too catch up to Blackberry and Droid.

I think the iPhone has really set the bar for full function and feature hand-held devices but alternatives are now here.  I’m not too concerned about the amount of Apps being less for the Google phone than that of the Apple store.  For the most part all of the standard Apps are there for both.  Do you really need 100s of thousands of Apps anyway?  Most of them are games and offshoots of something already available.

What really has me pondering is who will be more tightly integrated with the Apps and the cloud?  You can’t dismiss the fact that Google is front and center here.  While Apple has defined the benchmark with their success, it doesn’t mean that other choices are no longer possible.

I also hesitate since, for me, coverage with AT&T is fine.  Yes I have had a few instances of an over subscribed population being served in San Francisco but in general AT&T has met my needs.  As a Mac user at work and home (fond of the iMac 27“) I’m going to wait and let the iPhone 4 ramp and work itself into circulation.  There will be millions putting it through its paces before me, but that is OK.  My iTouch and Samsung phone still do the job for me.

But upgrade time (2 year commitment up) is coming in December…  Yes I know that any current subscriber can get the upgrade price, but let’s wait and see.


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