Go Further, Faster

The blog title has 3 words that relate to everyone today no matter if you are a business or individual.  It transcends all cultures, age groups and causes.  While technology is a driving force to enable advancement and acceleration, have you ever stopped to think about what is driving technology?  It’s simply competitive advantage.

I’ve been leading technology teams for a long time and it’s always been about providing competitive advantage.  That translates not necessarily into mine is better or bigger, but rather who provides you the services and capability to give you that competitive advantage. For example there are multiple choices among automobile manufactures.  All cars do the same thing in move you from point A to point B.  How you get there and the experience, value and price of the drive is an individual opinion.

Most businesses and people are lost today without their data.  Quick, accurate, content always available and protected is expected.  Shopping around for vendors who specialize in data may be what’s right for you.  Supermarkets are great but sometimes that large specialty store gives you more value at a better price.

For some it goes beyond the technical terms and translates into the competitive solution.


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