10 years and counting…

Ten years today cancer free…  I’ve reached the end of the beginning.  How did I get here at this milestone?

Sometimes I still think it’s a dream, in fact it is, but I’m living and breathing that dream.

I’m thankful for being able to battle the last 10 years and watch, what back then were 3 small children become young aspiring adults.

Those scary thoughts from 10 years ago of thinking about the undue burden that I would impose on my wife Ellen, if I did not make it through my battle.  That in itself was enough initiative to fight each day the mental and physical challenge of staying on the earth breathing at least another 20 years.

Unfortunately this past year I once again watched some folks who lost their battle because they either lacked luck, resolve or simply ignored their health for too long.  Luckily the burden for me continues year to year of helping others take their heath seriously and/or help motivate them through their own battle.

I continue to struggle with children stricken from cancer.  Kids that are sick with cancer are stronger than adults.

For me the work continues to stay healthy, help others to stay healthy and to battle one day at a time for those that have lost the battle to cancer.

Until next year, happy 2nd b-day… Thankful to still be here.


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