11 years and counting…

Eleven years today cancer free…  It’s starting to feel like a long time ago which is a good thing, but then again my son is heading off to college in a few months.

He was just 7 and his sisters 4– eleven years ago.  Now it seems in an instant they are just about grown.  I often still blink twice as I’ve been very fortunate to see them grow up.  My wife and I are so very proud of our 3 kids.

I still fixate on cancer patient’s favorable odds if there is early detection. 

Read this story of a courageous high school hockey player who is fighting the battle with courage better than most adults.

Advanced treatment options such as immunotherapy and gene therapy are showing good promise.

Don’t procrastinate about getting yourself or a loved one checked out.  Early detection is one of the best paths toward a potential cure of cancer.

We the fortunate that are still alive owe it to those who have lost their battle to cancer.  We will keep fighting for you one day at a time.

Until next year, happy 2nd birthday… Thankful to still be here.


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