12 years and counting…

home_coverAnother year of being cancer free.  Once again another year has passed and I absolutely have not taken the year for granted.  I’m reminded by the fact that more people that I have known were not so fortunate with fighting and winning the battle.

I am finally on a two year check up regimen and this month will be my first 2 year cycle.  It seems like it was yesterday that I was on a monthly cycle of blood work, chest xrays and CT Scan with active contrast.  I still cannot get the awful taste of the liquid you need to swallow for the CT Scan and the warm burn you get when they inject active contrast into your veins.

For the past 3 years I have started a yearly mole check with a dermatologist.  I’ve become very conscious of the dangers of melanoma as the result of close folks who have lost the battle.  Melanoma is highly curable *if* discovered early and very deadly if not.  I’ve enjoyed the sun for many years, but like others have sun damage to show.

Here is to another year and some unsolicited advice to get yourself a yearly physical with your doctor.  Cancer is very curable today and it starts with you to discover it.  Nobody knows how you feel or can see better than you.  It certainly saved me.

Until next year for those that have lost the battle I’ll keep fighting for you one day at a time…


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