13 years and counting…

TomGAnother year has passed and once again I’m thankful for being a survivor of cancer.

For me checkups every two years seem to come very fast.  However I still do a yearly mole check with a dermatologist.  A few months ago I had a benign cyst removed from my arm.

Over the last 20 years cancer has become more and more curable. Despite the advances in research and cures, the most potent weapon against most types of cancer is early detection.

This year we lost my good friend’s Dad (Thomas F. Grealy) (click his picture) to a form of cancer that is currently incurable but treatable.Paperclip

It’s been nearly 20 years since I lost my own Dad (Albert J. Porras Sr.) to colon cancer.

If someone in your ancestry has had cancer then you are at a higher risk of developing cancer than the average mean.  Therefore it’s important to get a yearly physical and become aware of possible symptoms.  It certainly helped me.

Until next year for those that have lost the battle I’ll keep fighting for your one day at a time…tea_cup_small



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