15 years and counting…

I’ve hit 15 years!

Another year has passed and once again I’m thankful for being a survivor of cancer.

I’m extremely grateful for being able to witness the many milestones I wished for 15 years ago. Seeing our son Michael graduate from college with an engineering degree and a job for icing. Sending our twin daughters Michelle and Mikayla off to college for their freshman year. Moving the girls back to college shortly. 🙂  They both did awesome their 1st year.

These were only some of the many events along these years that motivated me to assert to my Dr.”You’ve got to get another 20 years out of this body.”

Treatment options continue to expand with results that were out of reach only a few years ago.  Immunotherapy is slowly replacing the sledgehammer of  chemotherapy for certain cases.  Basically it enables your immune system to fight rather than shock both good and bad cells with toxic pharmaceuticals.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 12.17.08 PM

This past year some more friends or their loved ones were diagnosed.  I pleaded to all to avoid procrastination.  Get aggressive, commit and fight.  In most cases their diagnosis started with a routine physical or blood test.  Their treatments ranged from the routine to the aggressive, however they are now all survivors.  Unfortunately I also know some who lost their battle this past year despite the fight.  Jackie’s Jim is now in a better place and is missed.

If you have read this far commit yourself to a routine physical AND tell at least 5 family or friends to do the same.

Until next year for those that have lost the battle I’ll keep fighting for you one day at a time…


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